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[Talk-cz] Fwd: [Local-contacts] Language localisation

Vlákno 1.6. - 1.6.2009, počet zpráv: 1

1.6.2009 01:01:36 (#1)

Radomír Černoch

<radomir.cernoch at gmail.com>
Dobr? den, d?ky lond?nsk?mu Hackweeku obsahuje hlavn? str?nka OSM lokalizace do m?stn?ch jazyk?. Hotov? je zat?m n?m?ina a ??ste?n? francouz?tina. Chcete-li pomoci s p?ekladem do ?e?tiny, zapojte se do e-mailov? konference ?dev.? Viz. http://www.opengeodata.org/?p=508 S pozdravem, Radek ?ernoch
---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: SteveC <steve at asklater.com> Date: 2009/6/1 Subject: [Local-contacts] Language localisation To: local-contacts at openstreetmap.org Dear all This is our first test of the local contacts list. Please translate and pass on the message that we have local languages in OSM now, German and partial French. If people want to help they should get involved on the dev@ mailing list ? ? ? ?http://www.opengeodata.org/?p=508 I suggest you send it to your local list and cc here so we see it. Best Steve _______________________________________________ Local-contacts mailing list Local-contacts at openstreetmap.org http://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/local-contacts -- Radomir Cernoch +44 750 708 8293 / +420 607 282 031 Email, Jabber: radomir.cernoch at gmail.com

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