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[Talk-cz] [Fwd: Czech house numbers]

Vlákno 13.5. - 13.5.2009, počet zpráv: 1

13.5.2009 10:02:48 (#1)

Radomir Cernoch

<radomir.cernoch at gmail.com>
Zdrav?m, p?ed p?r dny prob?hla diskuze o ??slech popisn?ch, jejich zobrazov?n? na map? a v JOSM. Z diskuse na ?josm-dev? vyplynulo n?sleduj?c?: - Zobrazovat ??sla popisn? i orienta?n? v JOSM zat?m nelze. - Zobrazovat ??sla popisn? nam?sto orienta?n?ch lze p?id?n?m kl??e 'mappaint.nameOrder' s hodnotou 'name:cz;name;int_name;ref;operator;brand;addr:alternatenumber' do nastaven? JOSM (ikonka Einsteina). - Pokud by se ??slo popisn? m?lo standardizovat na ?rovni OSM, padl n?vrh na p?ejmenov?n? 'addr:alternatenumber' na 'addr:ref'. D?vody jsou t?i: jednak krat?? tag znamen? m?n? p?eklep?; d?le pak m? m?t 'addr:ref' v?t?? ?ance na ofici?ln? schv?len?; a jednak je to o chlup systemati?t?j?? (ref v?t?inou zna?? unik?tn? ??slo v r?mci n?jak? oblasti, v tomto p??pad? suburb/village/town). Viz n??e p?ilo?en? mail v angli?tin?. Je?t? p?ed pod?n?m ofici?ln?ho n?vrhu jsem se cht?l zeptat, zda m? n?kdo n?co proti pou?it? 'addr:ref'. Osobn? je mi to jedno, p?ejmenov?n? 'alternatenumber' na 'ref' nevn?m?m jako probl?m. Posledn? v?c? je zp?sob vykreslov?n?. V sou?asn? dob? je vykreslov?n? nastaveno n?sleduj?c?m zp?sobem: * Node + addr:housenumber = ?ern? text, ?b?l? z??e? okolo. * Building + addr:housenumber = ?ern? text, bez b?l? z??e. * Cokli + addr:ref = nic Osobn? by se mi l?bilo nejv?ce: * Cokoli + addr:housenumber = ?ern? text, ?b?l? z??e? okolo. * Cokoli + addr:ref = ?ern? text, bez b?l? z??e. ?e?? se probl?m, kdy se ?.o. kresl? jednou s b?l?m okrajem a jednou bez. Nav?c kreslen? ?.p. bez okraje d?v? tu?it, ?e z pohledu u?ivatele jde o m?n? d?le?it? syst?m ??slov?n? ne? ?.o. Boj?m se, ?e kdy? bychom pro ?.o. nap?. zvolili jinou barvu p?sma, nazna?ovalo by to opak (?erven?, modr?, nebo i zelen? vypad? ?d?le?it?ji? ne? oby?ejn? b?l?). S pozdravem, Radek ?ernoch
-------- P?eposlan? zpr?va -------- Od: Shaun McDonald <osm at shaunmcdonald.me.uk> Komu: Radomir Cernoch <radomir.cernoch at gmail.com> P?edm?t: Re: [josm-dev] Czech house numbers Datum: Wed, 13 May 2009 01:25:50 +0100 Hi Radek, addr:ref is shorter, thus less likely to have error in the data entry. A reference is generally used for something that is unique within a certain region, such as a country or a city. It is also smaller which means that it will take less space in the DB and downloads. ref is something that is rendered for some other things, thus addr:ref is more likely to be rendered. The probability of typos being high is a strong reason to avoid addr:alternatehousenumber. Hopefully I've explained things well enough. Apologies for misinterpreting your last e-mail. Shaun On 12 May 2009, at 20:58, Radomir Cernoch wrote: zobrazit citaci
> Hi, > > I think I should have been more explicit in the previous mail... > What is the reason you prefer 'addr:ref' over 'addr:alternatehouse'? > As I said, I do not mind having one or the other, but I should send > some > argument to Czech mail list why we need to modify all our address > nodes. > > Sorry for not being clear for the first time, > Radek Cernoch > > Shaun McDonald p??e v ?t 12. 05. 2009 v 18:28 +0100: >> Hi, >> >> As long as it is documented, it shouldn't be a problem. Don't worry >> about the fact that no one has used it yet. All tags need to start >> from somewhere. >> >> Shaun >> >> On 12 May 2009, at 16:07, Radomir Cernoch wrote: >> >>> Hi! >>> >>> this sounds better to me. I've checked the world through XAPI and >>> 'addr:ref' is not used anywhere. Even though I do not see a reason >>> for >>> changing all the Czech address nodes, I am fine with 'addr:ref'. >>> >>> My only worry is how systematic this would be. In fact we need to >>> draw >>> the value of this field on the map. Do you think it is suitable to >>> render a field 'addr:ref'? I'm just afraid of confusing other >>> people, >>> who might think that 'addr:ref' is used just like standard 'ref'. >>> >>> Regards, >>> Radek >>> >>> Shaun McDonald p??e v ?t 12. 05. 2009 v 00:10 +0100: >>>> addr:ref then >>>> On 11 May 2009, at 23:51, Radomir Cernoch wrote: >>>> >>>>> But what if someone creates a node with a single attribute >>>>> 'ref=300'? >>>>> I'm afraid it's going to be ambiguous. >>>>> >>>>> As I've already written, this number system is really a part of >>>>> the >>>>> official address and therefore we need 'addr:something' key. >>>>> Even in case of a node with single attribute, it must be clear >>>>> that >>>>> such >>>>> node represents an address. >>>>> >>>>> Radek >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> Shaun McDonald p??e v Po 11. 05. 2009 v 23:22 +0100: >>>>>> How about ref for reference then? >>>>>> >>>>>> On 11 May 2009, at 20:03, Radomir Cernoch wrote: >>>>>> >>>>>>> Hi, >>>>>>> >>>>>>> the problem is more subtle. Imagine a Czech house: >>>>>>> addr:street=Lidick? >>>>>>> addr:housenumber=1 >>>>>>> addr:alternatenumber=300 >>>>>>> then the "official" way of writing the address is >>>>>>> Lidick? 300/1 >>>>>>> which is exactly what we have on our ID cards. The >>>>>>> 'alternatenumber' >>>>>>> is >>>>>>> really considered a part of the address and I guess it would be >>>>>>> the >>>>>>> same >>>>>>> in other countries having the same system. >>>>>>> >>>>>>> Unfortunately 'name' can't be used for this purpose, because >>>>>>> numbered >>>>>>> houses can also be named. >>>>>>> >>>>>>> Regards, >>>>>>> Radek ?ernoch >>>>>>> >>>>>>> Russ Nelson p??e v Po 11. 05. 2009 v 14:42 -0400: >>>>>>>> Radomir Cernoch writes: >>>>>>>>> The second system, which we currently store in >>>>>>>>> 'alternatenumber' ("??slo >>>>>>>>> popisn?") defines a unique number of a house within a >>>>>>>>> village/ >>>>>>>>> town >>>>>>>>> or >>>>>>>>> suburb. >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> Sounds more like a house name, in that the numbers have zero >>>>>>>> relationship to the location of the house. Thus, I venture to >>>>>>>> suggest >>>>>>>> that it doesn't belong in the addr: subset of names. If >>>>>>>> numbered >>>>>>>> houses never also have names, maybe you should just use >>>>>>>> "name=" ? >>>>> >>>>> >>>> >>> -- >>> Radomir Cernoch >>> +44 750 708 8293 / +420 607 282 031 >>> Email, Jabber: radomir.cernoch at gmail.com >>> >> > -- > Radomir Cernoch > +44 750 708 8293 / +420 607 282 031 > Email, Jabber: radomir.cernoch at gmail.com >
-- Radomir Cernoch +44 750 708 8293 / +420 607 282 031 Email, Jabber: radomir.cernoch at gmail.com

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