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Vlákno 12.3. - 12.3.2009, počet zpráv: 2

12.3.2009 12:22:17 (#1)


<kubajz at kbx.cz>
Ahoj, nevim, jestli jste si minuly tyden vsimli featured image - bylo to o necem jako google street maps, ale rumunske provenience. Pouzivaji pro Rumunsko jako mapovy podklad OSM a na oplatku umoznuji, aby se z jejich 360kovych panoramat odvozovala data pro OSM. Fotky jsou pomerne kvalitni a v CR dostupne pro Prahu a Brno po par metrech. Me to treba pomohlo, kdyz jsem si zrovna nemohl vzpomenout, jak to presne v terenu bylo - otevrel jsem par fotek a zjistil to. Je teo tedy vic zdroj metadat nez polohovych dat, ale i to neni spatne. Podivejte se na http://www.norc.cz/ - zatim pro CR pouzivaji jako podklad Google, ale planuji prechod na OSM i v CR. K P.S.: Pridam to na wiki jako dalsi mozny zdroj dat. -------- Původní zpráva -------- Předmět: Re: NORC.ro Datum: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 03:40:14 -0700 (PDT) Od: Ciprian Talaba <cipriantalaba na yahoo.com> Přeposláno - Komu: cipriantalaba na yahoo.com Komu: Kubajz <kubajz na kbx.cz> Hi Jakub, You can use their images freely in the Czech Republic as well. They plan to use OSM for background images for all the countries they have images. I'll copy below their response Best regards, Ciprian ------------------ Dear Ciprian, Of course you could freely use our data for all countries we have data. We have more than the panorama gps tracks we have continuos gps data collection between all pano points. The logs are collected at 5Hz using U-blox 4t and 5t in UBX raw mode. We are using high end antennas. 70% of our Romanian data is tracked using DGPS corrections with our base in Bucharest (ashtech zx12) (we do not have logs from this base). Also we are interested to use your data for our project, and in few days we will release a version with your data. Here maybe we need some guidance of how to handle your copyright. You will get a sample to see if it suits you. Please contact us for any questions, Yours, Andrei-Vasile Neagu MD ESG srl --- On *Thu, 3/12/09, Kubajz /<kubajz na kbx.cz>/* wrote: From: Kubajz <kubajz na kbx.cz> Subject: NORC.ro To: "Cipt2001" <cipriantalaba na yahoo.com> Date: Thursday, March 12, 2009, 9:33 AM Hi, I am a mapper from Czech Republic. I saw last week's featured image and read you can use NORC images in Romania to derive data into maps. Then I found NORC is active in Prague and Brno in Czech Republic. Is it possible to use their image data to derive maps in Czech Republic or is the agreement valid only for Romania? If so, would it be possible to extend this agreement to Czech Republic as well? Thanks, Jakub --- This e-mail was sent by Kubajz to Cipt2001 by the "Email user" function at OpenStreetMap.

12.3.2009 02:30:26 (#2)

Petr Schonmann

<PSBOX at seznam.cz>
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> > Podivejte se na http://www.norc.cz/ - zatim pro CR pouzivaji jako > podklad Google, ale planuji prechod na OSM i v CR. >
Docela zajimava fuze by byla, kdyby tato vrstva byla obsazena pri editaci v Potlatchu (i) nebo tak nejak. Pripadne plugin do JOSM, ktery by dokazal neco podobneho.

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