Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tkas f4b472837d ski:nordic=yes means ski gp too 4 weeks ago
  tkas 2115821335 add support for ignored OSM nodes for show_all() 3 months ago
  tkas fbdf9d2bac add link to all ignored OSM nodes 3 months ago
  tkas 4c3df2022c add ability to ignore OSM nodes without photo with certain OSM tag 3 months ago
  tkas cfd04db3e6 renew stat update time for gp_stat_type 5 months ago
  tkas 4081ca5272 add stats per photo/OSM node type 5 months ago
  tkas 5b850fa962 avoid some PHP warnings for empty arrays 9 months ago
  tkas e4d1cd9ba3 avoid some PHP warnings for empty arrays 9 months ago
  tkas fabbb184e7 GP with mtb=yes is not GP Unknown 1 year ago
  tkas 7c378265ba JOSM disabled HTTPS for remote control, use HTTP instead 1 year ago
  tkas 1fc3d6da4d use mtb=yes in OSM for cyklo or silnicni Fody tag as well 1 year ago
  tkas c2e7ba6139 correct all JOSM access to http via hiddenIframe 1 year ago
  tkas 89c43bf2c4 disable old analyse-run - unusable now, remove in future 1 year ago
  tkas c74d63c18f do not use OSM tags in [] for JSON name only for GPX one 1 year ago
  tkas 3cbef73622 use only guidepost nodes 1 year ago
  tkas 66c9c1ec66 move filter condition cleanup before info_only state check 1 year ago
  tkas 638f3591fd enable GPX output filter by point type 1 year ago
  tkas aef9caeda2 reorganize code in index.php, add comments 1 year ago
  tkas 6a4511f33e enable different icon sets for GPX export 1 year ago
  tkas b292e09210 add different GPX point icon per point type 1 year ago
  tkas fea96778c6 remove static GPX file generation, use DB instead 1 year ago
  tkas 2566099917 output online generated GPX instead of on-disk file 1 year ago
  tkas 3a4c26744d correct SQL rename query 1 year ago
  tkas f0a08bf93f store more info into analyze_cache to be able to generate GPX from DB 1 year ago
  tkas 5150e04e8a Enable posibility to cleanup strange characters in name for GPX/JSON files 1 year ago
  tkas 7702a8d330 update analyze cache table name for gp detect 1 year ago
  tkas 473635ed04 variable name typo :-( 1 year ago
  tkas 9ee8cf3508 allow to ignore unused images for overleaping analyses 1 year ago
  tkas 3ad2bb3d25 better check for requested page 1 year ago
  tkas e73133a0ef update show_all to use need_ref and show proper class 1 year ago